Friday, November 23, 2012


Having our “Thanksgiving” meal absent of our extended family is nothing new to Judy and me.  Many times we did not share the holidays together as a result of my forward deployments in the Navy. We find ourselves again absent of extended family this Thanksgiving due to our extended travel lifestyle. Although not being present with them we certainly miss being with them.

Judy and I decided that we would have our “thanksgiving” meal at the nearest Cracker Barrel restaurant which happened to be just off I75 in Gainesville, FL.  We arrived there at 11:30 AM and found about 250 other folks with the same plan! After a short thirty minutes wait we were seated.  The meal was pretty close to the traditional Thanksgiving Day fair – Ham, Turkey, Dressing, Sweet Potato Soufflé, Bread, Cranberry Sauce, Sweet Tea, and a slice of Pumpkin Pie and only $8.99. It was very good. No, it wasn’t as good as mamma fixed it (God Bless her sole) or even Judy’s but very good none the less.
Thanksgiving at the Cracker Barrel

After we left the Cracker Barrel we went in search of a movie theatre where we could go to phase two of our holiday tradition, going to see a movie. Judy and I wanted to go see “Lincoln” "Trailer". Jason, our son, out in Portland reminded us that this would be the second time Lincoln would be killed in a theatre, the first time by John Wilkes Booth and this time by “Breaking Dawn pt2” the vampire franchise. Our GPS got us to the nearest movie in no time.  Judy and I both enjoyed the movie. I am sure there will be an “Oscar” nomination or two for it.
Once back at the park we observed many family celebrations in full swing. I was surprised at how many families meet camping to observe the holiday. One group had at least six families. They were certainly having some good quality time. They did karaoke at night, played games, and enjoyed park activities.

Judy and I did go to Homosassa State Park Wed. and had a great time. I will write about it soon.

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  1. We noticed a lot of celebrations in this park too. Incoming cars to meet people already here camping. We were outgoing, as George's brother lives an hour south. Was good to be with family!