Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Visit to Mt. Hood

Saturday we headed to Mount Hood. The drive was shorter than our drive out to the coast.  Jason had planned a visit up to the "Timberline Lodge" near the summit of Mt. Hood. The lodge was built in 1937. Once there we joined a guided tour of the lodge, the gentleman giving the tour pointed out many amazing facts.  You may recognize it as the lodge/hotel featured in "The Shinning". 

Summit of Mt. Hood (11,250ft) near Timberline Lodge

Tour of Timberline Lodge

After leaving the lodge, we had a picnic at a lake located at the base of the mountain.

Thats all for today.  Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Love to see that lodge. I loved that movie the Shining. Scary :)

  2. Nice picture of Lost Lake and Mt. Hood. That sure is a beautiful area.