Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oregon Days Two and Three

Judy and I are having a great time visiting our son in Portland.  He has been keeping us on the go.  On Friday we went to the coast and visited Cannon Beach and Astoria. The dive out to the coast from Portland was very scenic.

Here are some pics from Friday:
 Cannon Beach

Jail in Opening Scene of Goonies

Inside Jail
 House in Goonies

After a busy day os sightseeing we went to the "Black Cat" Tavern to have a couple of beers and play some table suffleboard. Jason lives in the Selwood area of Portland. There are  many restaurants, bars, coffee shoppes, and specialty stores. All withing walking distance.
"Losers Bracket"

Saturday (Day 03)
We headed to Portland's city center early.  The Saturday market was in full swing when we got there.  Judy bought some ear rings because she forgot to put hers on that morning.  Mostly we just walk through the market and looked at the various items for sell.  Once we left the market we took the MAX (Portland's Mass transit) and  Jason took us to "Kenny and Zukes" for and excellent brunch.  Once through with brunch we re-boarded the MAX for Jeld-Wen Field station. After getting off I noticed rummaging in his back pack. He pulled out three Portland Timbers jerseys and told Judy and I to put one on. He had tickets for the Timbers (Portland) and Sounders (Seattle) game. It was our first professional soccer game. As it turned out Judy and I enjoyed it. Jason is a great host.
Here are some Saturday pic:
Judy at the Portland Market

The Sounders' opening play

Enjoying the Game

That's all for today. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. What a nice son to surprise you with the game :)

  2. What a nice time you are having with your son. Lots to see and do in Portland area. Hope you get to make a trip up the gorge in the old highway.