Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back at Home Base

We arrived back in Ga.( Atlanta Int. Airport) Thursday around 3:15PM.  By the time we got our baggage and got on the shuttle it was 4:15PM. The shuttle ride to Macon took another one and one half hours. Still not home, we had another hour ride to Lake Sinclair. All in all it took about 12 hours from the time we got to the airport in Portland until we got home. It was awesome seeing Jason but we were glad to be back home.

Judy had a few things planned for Friday to prepare for our interim trip back to Blanton Creek on this coming Monday. The main thing she had planned was a trip to the salon to get a "cut and color and pick up our mail and cancel our US PO Box. Our plans were quickly out the window. Judy had been having a little lower back pains and she had had a dizzy spell the last night in Portland.  She called her MD to see if they could work her in Friday. They could but it was at the same time as her salon appt. Using her better judgement she opted for the DR. appointment.

The Dr confirmed Judy was suffering a case of vertigo. He gave her a couple of prescriptions. Once back in the car she got liquidity sick if you know what I mean. Once home she took the meds and slept for most of the day. After about a four hour nap she woke feeling a little better. We joined Billy and Faye (my sister) at Applebees latter in the evening.

Judy rescheduled her salon visit for Tue AM. Now it looks like we will leave Tue. morning to go back to the Cardinal at Blanton Creek.

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by.
Next Blog: After we return to our fiver at Blanton Creek Park - maybe Tues. evening.


  1. So sorry to hear Judy is a bit dizzy. Hope you feel better. All that traveling did you in!

  2. Thanks Laurie. I am looking to a much slower mode of travel next week.