Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting Ready to Get Back on the Road

We will be getting back on the road tomorrow and Judy and I are ready to get underway.  I think Judy is over her bout with Vertigo. She has  had a bad time with it this time.  On top of her bad luck she also lost a tooth filling that we hope to get repaired in the morning before we pull out.  She lost it early in the week but the Vertigo kept her from going to the dentist. She was worried about the dizziness she was suffering with.

We spent most of the day getting things ready to leave. Judy worked in the house and I worked in the yard and got the boathouse furniture put away. We loaded the truck and the CRV with things we will need for the four months we will be in FL. Once we get back to Blanton Creek Park tomorrow we will put much of the things on the fifth wheel.  I plan to wash the RV and take care of a couple of more minor maintenance items also. I haven’t decided if we will head down to Manatee State Park on Sunday or Monday. It will be about a 300 mile drive.

We have done all we can to get ready to leave so we are watching the Atlanta Braves. They are playing very well now. I hope they go all the way.  It would be a wonderful way for Chipper to end his career.
Dusk from Boathouse
 Dusk from Boathouse (Sepia)

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