Monday, September 10, 2012

Probably the Last Lake Day of the Season

This morning Judy and I ran a ton of errands preparing for our upcoming extended travel to Florida.  We had to get copies of my DD214 to document my naval service out of our safe deposit box. We will be attaching the documentation to an application for burial at Ga. Veterans Memorial Cemetery. I am hoping it will be a long time before we get there!  Judy also stopped by the mall to get some things for our trip to Oregon.

After getting back home Judy continued calling various doctors, banks, and other businesses to change our address to our mail forwarding service and I cut the grass and getting the boathouse and dock area cleared up for the off season. It wasn’t before I decided it was too nice a day to work. I called Judy on the walkie talkie and ask her if she wanted to go out on the lake. She told me she would be ready to go in five minutes. By the time I lowered the bass boat into the water, Judy was ready to go. We are really liking our retired status.
Judy takes fishing seriously!
Judy took a lure to the chin!  
I have been called "The Bass Stalker"
Bass breaking the surface (Judy took the pic)
Bass Boated (Judy took the pic, can you tell?)
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  1. Now that is advance planning:) I was thinking Arlington, that way anyone who would care to come could spend some time in DC:)