Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Oak Hill Retired Teacher's Lunch Bunch

One day each month I meet with some of my former colleagues who have joined the “retired teachers” ranks to have lunch, socialize, and generally catch up. For the most part, it's teachers who have recently retired within the last few years. We don’t have a set place to meet so we keep a little variety in the menu!

                               "Looks like we will be having Mexican today".

Once again, I am the lone male in a sea of women! :)

Just look at how relaxed these ladies are!

This is much better than school cafeteria food.
It is good to meet in a relaxed social setting and not the busy stressed filled environment of the work place. Actually, teachers don’t usually have time for much socializing at school.  Once the bell rings, teachers are locked in with their students, figuratively speaking.  The only chance for working teachers to socialize is while walking to or leaving the classroom. In fact I once wrote a paper entitled “The Isolation of the Classroom Teacher”.  Ah, but I digress. Sorry.
This is what we gave up when we left the classroom.  What were we thinking??
WHAT, Mr. Maddox?
Work, Work, Work

Ah, the end of the day
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  1. Jim, it was a pleasure to have lunch with you on Thursday and it was great to be out of the classroom to socialize. I was glad to see everyone and it is amazing to see how relaxed we all are these days, huh? I'm looking forward to have y'all come to Eatonton next month for our luncheon. Behave until then, dear friend.

  2. I remember those days (used to be a math teacher). :) Had some fun times, but I still don't miss those school days.