Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back on the Market!

No not me, I’m close to my “use by date”. I’m talking about the house. We had to take the house off the market as part of the house refinance process.  Unofficially it was on the market but, after July the lake property selling season is pretty much over until the next spring.

I sure am going to miss being the Capt.

But I will really miss this!!
We had new criteria for the candidates for listing agent.  1. Our choice was not going to be based on a recommendation of friends, and family – unless the candidate had sales stats to back up the recommendation. 2. It would be an agent with family responsibilities – you know,  an agent that had a family to feed. That pretty much ruled out an agent that was “retirement” age. Sorry, it sounds like age discrimination doesn’t it?  That is the kind of agent I fired. I wasted a season with her. Oh, she had an impressive bio and it was most likely true 15 yrs ago.  I found that she was still trying to use sales strategies pre 2008, just put a sign in the yard and never communicate with her clients.

House is officialy on the market.
Judy and I decided we would concentrate our realtor search within “national realty companies” instead of local companies. I called two brokers and they provided the names of their top two sellers – not the agent with the most listings.  I interviewed the agents and chose the one I thought would meet our needs the best.  We do understand the real estate climate as well as the law of supply and demand.  If the house does not sell we will look at other options in Aug/Sep. If we have any breaking news you’ll read about it here.

Welcome to new followers George and Laurie.  In about six months they will be starting a life on the road.  ( http://owensontheroad.blogspot.com/ )
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out :) We'll keep our fingers crossed for you on the house sale!

    1. We appreciate all the moral support that comes our way :)

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