Tuesday, February 21, 2012

" Must Haves"

A few years back when Judy and I began to seriously think about a nomadic life on the road we found it was going to take in depth research.  Without getting into the "weeds" here, overtime  I developed a list of "must have" items. These items were not necessarily required items. I found some of these were items many of the experienced full-timers had. Below are some of the "must haves"  I've purchased.

Pressure Pro Tire Pressure Monitoring Sys (TPMS)
 I consider this a safety item. During my research I read many accounts from RVers who had blowouts on their fiver or one of the trucks dually tires and didn't even know it!  While a TPMS can't prevent a blowout directly,  it may provide indicators that may be the precursor to one.  A blowout or flat tire on a fiver could be catastrophic. Especially at highway speeds. I chose to go with the Pressure Pro TPMS for fifth wheels .  The system is easy to install and use. I can look at the monitor and see the tire pressure and temp of all the tires on the truck and fiver. Each tire has an individual sensor that transmits data wireless. It makes it very easy to check tire pressures before a trip. I purchased my system from Vulcan Tire Co. The cost was $640.00

Pressure Pro Fifth Wheel Sys

This is what I hope to avoid :)

Portable 50 Amp Surge Protector
When I posted this entry yesterday I left this "must have" out.  About 50% of the people I have discussed this item with and RV forum discussions highly recommend some type of surge protection. The other half say it isn't needed.  I read enough accounts of RVers having their RV's electronics decimated because of low or high voltage from the CG supplied electricity to persuade me to get a surge protector. I prefer to err on the side of safety. The fact the surge protector is plugged in between my fiver and the power  pedestal is a plus. I purchased mine at Camping World. Cost: $313.00

Puma Air Compressor
I think a portable compressor will give peace of mind as we travel or stay in remote locations. Not to mention the convenience of being able to inflated tires without having to go to a travel center (truck stops back in the day) or tire center.  I can also inflate a rubber ducky if I had one.  I have a fifty foot length of air hose, making all tire within reach.  I probably went a little overboard in my choice of compressor. I wanted to be able to go up to 150 PSI.  That will give me enough air capability if I ever decide to go with a MH.  Puma Air Compressor   Cost $179.00 at Northern Tool. Yes, I know there are cheaper models on the market.  I also have a 7 gal  air tank for portability.

Puna 2 gal Portable Air Compressor

Alum Storage Truck Chest (under the rail)
I am sure this storage chest will come in handy.  I intend to keep my tools box here.  Like most storage areas it will fill up quickly. It is lockable.  The under the rail design was a must since it won't interfere with another of my "must haves",  a roll up bed cover. I also got this at Northern Tool.  Truck Chest  Cost $330.00

Tonneau Roll Up Bed Cover
I saw a full timer couple in a local RV park with a Tri-fold cover a couple of years ago.  He explained the usefulness of the cover to me and I filed the info away.  After I purchased our truck last spring I put the cover on my "must haves" list.  I liked the tri-fold cover he had but I didn't think it would work as well with the truck chest application that I planned. After looking at various ones I settled on a roll up cover.  I like the ease of using it. The local Rhino Spray in Liner dealer sold it to me. Access Lite Ryder cover. Cost $375.00

Rhino Spray-in Liner
The used 09 Ram dually I purchased was in new condition. The gentleman pulled a Cedar Creek Fiver until his health went south. He kept the fifth wheel hitch but the installed rails stayed with the truck. I was amazed that there were no scratches in the bed of the truck. I didn't think I would be able to keep the bed in such good of condition. I knew I "must have" a spray-in liner. I settled on a Rhino liner from a local installer. Rhino Liner Cost $450.00

I am sure there will be other things that I add to my "must haves" list.  I'm thinking about a CB radio but I am not there yet. If you have any suggestions please forward them to me.
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  1. Our next purchase on the 'to buy' list is the Pressure Pro system. He is going to buy it from Vulcan as well. I know he wants to replace his current tool chest in the bed with an under rail one. I'll have him look at that website. Thanks for the tips!

  2. That's the same air compressor I bought...great minds think alike.

  3. Thanks for the ideas. There's always something new to learn and improve on in this mad internet world. Uptiming is surely something to keep an eye on.

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