Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lazy Day

Today was a typical "do nothing rainy day Sunday".  By do nothing I mean pretty much nothing that is productive.  Ah, it was relaxing and enjoyable though.

We turned it into a movie day with only a little bit of productivity.  I'll take the little bit of productivity first.  Since we are just about ready to list the house with a realtor for the summer season we are doing some small things for the house, in this case the boathouse.  We decided we would install a ceiling fan over the covered sitting area of the boathouse.   Will it help sell the house, probably not.  It will provide a breeze when we need one though.  I did it mostly for the light though.  The boathouse does have lights but I think a little more light would be helpful.  If for no other reason if we sell the house the new owners will get to enjoy it, if not we will get to enjoy it. A Win Win as someone said.

After picking up the fan at "Home Depot" we had a great lunch at "EL Amigos". Yep you guessed it, a Mexican Restaurant.  Then it was over to the Carmike Six Cinema to see "Safe House" starring Denzel Washington. Washington is one of my favorite actors and for the most part any movie he is in is pretty good.  The movie is a fast paced thriller, much like the Bourne triology.  Here is a link to the "trailer"

Judy, told me she has found a new "on the road song".  I'm thinking what is wrong with the one we have used forever, "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson. It is simple and pretty much to the point. I was thinking about leaving you hanging but that would not be nice.  It is "What about Now" by Lonestar.  I am not there yet.

Welcome to new follower Myrddin and Karen. 

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