Thursday, February 9, 2012

Going out with a BANG!

Judy, unlike me, is still working away in the financial industry.  She expects to work through mid March in the real world.  It appears that we will be starting our workamper job around the 18th.  So you can see she is not going to have a lot of down time between the two.  That is just “the way she rolls”. Some people that only have a short time or who know they will be leaving a job may “slow down”.  In the Navy we would refer to those individuals as members of the “ROADS Program” (Retired on Active Duty).  She will be going in early and leaving late on her last day!

  Sun Trust "Downtown Milledgeville" branch

Judy is going out with a BANG and at the top of her game.  She recently got a call informing her that her Sun Trust branch bank (Milledgeville Downtown) was selected as the Georgia Sun Trust “ Showcase Branch”.  Woo Hoo!   Judy was very quick to point out that the award was a reflection of the hard work and dedication of her branch teammates.  I can truly say they are a special group of ladies.  Judy was also informed that her exceptional performance in meeting established goals would be rewarded with her being named to the “Chairman’s Team”. The is a performance level award that less than 2% of branch managers reach.  There were a number of recognitions from Sun Trust to memorialize these achievements. So congrats, to Ms. Judy for a job well done.

                                         Super Teammates    




If you find yourself in M'ville and require banking services stop in.   That is it for today.

Welcome to all the new followers. It is good to have you aboard.  Still no new info to report on the mystery visitor to the bird feeder.

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