Thursday, November 13, 2014

Travel Day – NAS Point Mugu, Ventura County, CA.

Wed. Judy and I moved another 150 miles south to NAS Point Mugu.  The drive was uneventful except for the continued beautiful scenery.  The temps were in the low 70’s and the skies were blue, but that is what you expect in southern CA.

Judy and I were last in the area when I was stationed here between 1976-1979 as a second class petty officer aboard the USS Norton Sound AVM1,  Judy was 22 and I was 25 when we first got here.  That was a lot of years ago!  We both enjoyed the three years we were here.  After getting set up at the famCamp  at PT. Mugu yesterday, we went to Oxnard to see if our favorite Mexican restaurant was still in business.  It was still in operation and the dinner we had was excellent. We hope to visit the Reagan Library before we leave the area.  Sunday we will be visiting our friends Linda and Gene.

This is the view from our site.  Mugu Rock

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I bet it was surreal to visit a place that you and Judy were at so long ago.

    1. It sure was, I didn't remember being as OLD the last time we were here!

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