Monday, November 17, 2014

New Friends and Old Friends

The weather continues to be typical Southern California weather,and our base of operations here at Point Mugu is perfect.  If you have access to military campgrounds, this park is worth stopping by if you are traveling the PCH. 

Judy relaxing at the beach   Pt Mugu Judy

Judy and I met up with some RVillagers Sat. evening for dinner and conversation.  I reached out to Lynn and Bob via RVillage social media and suggested a get together once we arrived in the Ventura area. They are volunteers at Emma Wood State Beach.  Bob made all the dinner arrangements and also invited fellow volunteers Don & Inez and Sandy.  We met at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.  We all enjoyed sharing our workamper and travel experiences. 

Rvillagers oxnard  Judy, Lynn & Bob, Sandy, and Inez & Don

Sunday we visited with our very good friends from our Bedford, Virginia days, Gene and Linda.  Gene gave me the encouragement to undertake building our home, when Judy and I moved to Bedford, once I retired from the Navy.  They have continued to be good friends even after they moved back to Ca. Judy and I knew our trip back out west would not be complete without visiting them. We also got to visit with their daughter Lisa & her husband Matt and their two beautiful children Dylan and Khloe and their other daughter Lori and her beautiful daughter Carley. They took us to Backwoods Inn which was delicious!  Thank you Gene and  thanks to all for a wonderful visit. 

 Carrs family 2014  Linda, Judy, Lisa,Carley,Lori, and Gene

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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