Sunday, November 9, 2014

Enjoying the San Luis Obispo Area

On the days we haven’t visited specific attractions, Judy and I have been enjoying the San Luis Obispo, SLO to the locals, area. The downtown area has a small town feel.  California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) is also located here, giving the city a college feel. There are a lot of casual eateries serving any type of cuisine one may be craving. 

    Old Town                                                          Bubblegum Alley

SLO1       SLO BG1

The coast is a short ten mile drive west. Judy and I have visited Morro Bay twice since being in the area.  Morro Rock, a volcanic plug is a prominent geological feature of the area.  A busy waterfront has several seafood companies processing each days catch by local commercial fishermen.  Many people enjoy fishing, surfing (wet suits a must), and walking the beach. The Morro Bay area is often shrouded in fog and cooler than the inland areas.

Morro Rock 1      Morro Rock 2

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  1. My cousin lives in Morro. Such a beautiful part of the California coast!