Friday, November 7, 2014

Day Trip – Hearst Castle

San Luis Obispo, CA

Yesterday our planned day trip to Hearst Castle was a thirty five mile drive north up CA 1 to San Simeon, CA. Traffic was light and the coastal scenery beautiful.

The Castle was built by William Randolph Hearst, publishing magnate and architect Julia Morgan. The project spanned twenty eight years due constantly evolving visions.

Here are some pics, (the inside pics were snagged from the internet) 

Hearst Castle 3a       Hearst Castle 8a

Hearst castle2

Hearst Castle 5a       hearst Castle 6a

Hearst Castle Inside 1a      hearst castle inside 2a

hearst castle inside 3

hearst castle inside 4a      HearstCastle inside pool2a

The below links are well worth watching, one is a short version and the other is a longer detailed version.

Anything but Humble - Hearst Castle   (short)

Americas Castles - Hearst Castle   (42 min)

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  1. All my years in CA and I never made it to Hearst Castle! It's on my list for someday.