Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Update: 03-03-14

Our final week here at Adelaide Shores RV Resort has arrived, pulling out Thursday for the 3500 mile pull to Oregon. But, we aren’t gone yet and we plan to enjoy the remaining few days with friends here until we pull out!  We have been busy this past week.

Sunday: We went to Frost Proof (yep, that is the name) Florida just up the road from us for cool treats with some of our cards group friends. (Remember to “click” to enlarge photos)

Frost proof Ice Cream4     Frost Proof ice cream 2

Monday: Marvin and I played in another shuffleboard tournament, our stay was short lived! (No Pics)

Wednesday: Judy and I went to the Atlanta Braves spring training opening game against Detroit.

Braves 1        Braves 2

Judy used the washer/drier combo for the first time! Thanks to Toni and David for the tutorial.

Friday: Our park hosted a shuffleboard match with another local park, we soundly defeated them.

SB Reflections

George and Laurie visited us and Dee & Jim.  We had a great Chinese Lunch. Really enjoyed catching up with them since our last visit in Myrtle Beach last Nov.

George Lauri Dee Jim

Saturday: Went with our friends and rv neighbors Gary and Barb to the local country club for a vey good afternoon dinner and delightful conversation.

That is all for now thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Boy is that going to be a long drive. I hope the weather holds out for you. Are you going straight through to Oregon or spending some time in places along the way?

    1. I am not looking forward to the 3500+ miles to Madras, Oregon. We will not be driving straight there, we have some stops along the way. I plan to get there around 7 April. Maybe it will be a little warmer by then.

  2. You two are certainly keeping busy down there! It was terrific spending time with all of you Friday. We hope to meet up with you again someday.