Monday, March 31, 2014

Birthday Celebration at the BIG TEXAN

After almost two days of constant 35 MPH winds with gust of 45+ MPH buffeting the RV things settled down a bit today. The high reached 76 and we were treated to a bright and sunny day.

To celebrate Judy’s birthday we went to The Big Texan restaurant just up the road from the RV Park. I spared no expense on making the event special by taking Judy in the Free Limo, complete with Texas Longhorn horns as hood ornaments. Judy was very impressed with that detail. The restaurant has been featured on TV a number of times. Judy sure seemed to enjoy the prime rib.

Picked up at the RV!                                        Judy doesn’t look a day older

Big TX limo 1         Big TX Limo 2


big tx judy 2

You can’t miss The Big Texan on I40 W in Amarillo

Big TX front 1         big TX sign

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Note: Jim, the Cattleman’s near El Paso is way better!!


  1. Happy Birthday Judy!!! Looks like you had a great meal!

  2. That is so cool that Jim arranged for a limo. What a nice way to spend your birthday!

  3. What a great celebration! We wish we were with you guys.

  4. I suspected Cattlemen's would be better. I think the Big Texan is more known for its 'atmosphere' and the 72 oz. challenge than the quality of its steaks. I hope we get near enough to El Paso to tryout Cattlemen's.