Monday, March 10, 2014

Tying Up Lots of Loose Ends

Judy and I have been very busy taking care of lots of necessary things as we prepare for our extended travel out west. We are thinking this journey may take us away from the south east for two years.

Before leaving Florida last week I had the truck and fifth wheel maintenance services completed. The tires were inspected on the truck, CRV, and trailer.  I know “stuff can still happen” but I like to try to minimize the severity of problems if possible.

Today we closed three different bank accounts and shifted those accounts to a single national bank. We decided to consolidate to a single bank to make things simpler. We chose to go with the bank our son uses to make it easy on him if something should happen to Judy and I at the same time as we travel. It also helps that Judy retired from it and has many former employee perks!

We also had our scheduled eye check up today. We both received a good report on our visual health. Only two more appointments for me this week while Judy has three to go.  We also still have to have a drug test, a basic physical and hearing (audio) test for our workamper job. Judy spoke to Portland General Electric HR this morning and suggested they be arranged next week when we will be at Blanton Creek Park near Columbus, Ga. We received a call later in the day informing us of the facility that would perform the services. We know exactly where it is located.

Before leaving Florida, Judy and I decided that we would sell the CRV because she did not want to drive it across country. I placed an ad on CL Friday and sold quickly. So, Judy will resume her navigator duties in the truck with me. It should be a lot easier since I mostly use GPS
We will continue visiting with family and friends until we leave for Blanton Creek Park this Friday. I think we will enjoy just being campers there. We did enjoy our time as gate attendants/host for the past two summers though.

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Congrats on selling the car. We miss you in FL. Lots of our friends are leaving in the next few days. Have fun.

  2. Great that you sold the car so quickly! Sounds like things are moving along for your trip west.

  3. It will be a better trip with Judy and you in the same vehicle. Enjoy your journey.