Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blanton Creek Update–3/20/14

Judy and I have been enjoying our visit here at the park as “just campers” since our arrival Friday evening. The rainy weather kept us inside the RV most of the weekend. We did spend some time back at the office visiting with Char and Ed and teaching them the card games we picked up at Adelaide Shores RV Park.

The rainy weather prompted the four campers in the park to pack up and clear out by 8:00 AM on Sunday. One camper packed up and pulled out Sat. evening because he did not want to be packing up in the predicted heavy rain forecast for Sunday AM. He was the smart one. The ones that left early Sunday did in fact have to pack-up in the heavy down pour. We have been the only campers in the park since.


Judy and I drove into Columbus to Acute Care Express, the facility we had been instructed to have our employment physicals for our employment with Portland General Electric. It included a drug test, vision exam, hearing check, respiratory exam and the usual basic vitals check-up. It seemed to be a bit much for a campground job. Judy really liked the audio portion in the tiny sound proof booth. (Not!!!!!!!)


Wednesday morning we sat outside in the warm sun and visited with our friends Keith and Merle.  They come to the park daily to walk their Yorkie, Suzie. While we were talking, I spotted a bird flying across the lake in our direction and when it turned I could tell it was a Bald Eagle. It  landed in a tree just across from us. Judy suggested that I get the camera and take some pics. 

Eagle BC 2        Eagle at BC1

We had planned to leave the park on Wed but we had a mail shipment sent out Monday and it did not get here so we decided to wait on it. We will most likely leave Friday AM now because the mail isn’t delivered until after Noon and we do not want to leave that late.

Judy and I went to the office Wed evening to talk with Donna and Bob, our replacements. We first met them last year before the park closed.  They expressed an interest in applying for our position for this season. They have been volunteering at nearby FDR State Park. We recommended them to our boss Mike, and he met with them and hired them.We know they are going to be  great additions to the park team. 

261 Bob and Donna 1


Judy and I had no plans except to hang out and wait and see if we received our mail.  We checked at the office at 12:30 and we were happy to find out it did come in. So, we are planning to leave out early Friday morning.

Judy delivered some freshly made brownies to Bob and Donna and also a batch to the land management office.  She used the new recipe she got from Toni (Adelaide Shores RV Resort). Everyone indicated they were yummy.

Early in the morning I walked over to talk with two men fishing near us. I must have brought them good luck because while I was talking to them, one of their rods was almost pulled off the dock.  A nice size striper hit it.

261 striper

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. How great to get photos of the eagle.

  2. Great picture of the eagle, even without a telephoto! I'm sure the new workampers will do fine, despite the big shoes they have to fill :-)