Sunday, March 30, 2014

Travel Log: Little Rock & Amarillo

Tue we left Memphis on the one hundred and thirty mile drive to Little Rock, Arkansas.  A stop that was not on our carefully planned travel itinerary. People who travel know that “stuff happens” on the road that requires a change in plans. I knew there was a problem with the RV liquid propane sys., one of the tanks would not feed LP. I thought it was the LP regulator. I took it to Camping World in Macon, GA during our week stay with my sister to be corrected. After forking out $190.00 and being told they had checked the entire LP system there was no problem with the LP system, I soon found that not to be true. The next AM at Blanton Creek, Judy discovered that the burner on the stove would not operate, I went out and shifted to the LP tank we had not had problems with and it worked fine. The LP system still had the same problem it had when I took it into Camping World.
I checked on-line to locate a Cardinal fifth wheel RV dealership located on or near our travel route. I located one in Little Rock, AR just off I40. That is what prompted the change in our travel plans. I used a new app ( All stays) I purchased for $9.99 to find a place to stay the night before we took the RV into River City RV dealership. We booked a one night stay at Camp Robinson located only five miles from the repair facility. The base is the HQ of the Arkansas National Guard. Seventeen new pull-throughs with full services had recently been completed in addition to seventeen older outdated sites. It is a “work in progress” but it met our needs. When checking in I explained the reason for our short stay. The manager, who was very helpful and friendly explained that if we needed a room we could book one for $24.00 per night. As it turned out we ended up staying there two nights waiting for the repairs to the RV.
New Pull-through Camp Robinson   Camp Robinson RV1
The fix to the RV turned out to be more than just replacing the LP regulator.  During the diagnostic testing the LP system failed the pressure test indicating LP leaks in addition to confirming the failed regulator. The hard part is locating the leaks. The techs had to trace out and check all of the LP fittings from the tanks to the hot water heater, frig, furnace and stove. This takes time and means $$$. Two leaks were found quickly-the hoses fittings from the tanks. The hoses were replaced along with the regulator. It took a long time and a lot of hard work to find the final leak because every fitting had to be checked. The final leak was in the end of the manifold that feeds the stove’s three burners. Almost two full days of work. I would like to acknowledge Eric (service writer) and Mark (senior tech) for staying with a tough job and seeing it through. The total cost of the repair was around $2000.00. My extended warranty covered $1300.00 leaving me $700.00. I will be filing a dispute with my credit card company if CW does not refund a significant portion of the $190.00 I paid them for pretty much nothing.
Eric & Mark
RV Cty RV eric mark       RV Cty RV
Friday after settling up with River City RV Judy and I headed west for 600 miles to Amarillo, TX. We arrived there at 10:30 PM and pulled into the Texas tourist information center rest area and slept in the RV for the rest of the night.
Saturday morning we checked into the Amarillo Ranch RV Park. After looking at the extended weather for Madras, OR we decided to stay here for a week in the warmer temps. We plan to visit Palo Duro Canyon, where we camped in the back of our 1974 Ford van when we were traveling to Port Hueneme, CA back in 1976. We also have plans that include a limo ride one evening.
Amarillo Ranch 1   Amarillo Ranch RV Park
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  1. Glad you got the problem resolved without blowing up! We haven't had good luck with Camping World either.

  2. Sound like you are having fun already. I had to say ouch when I read about your problem with the propane system. one thing I learned early on was to be very easy when turning on the valve on the tank, l'm sure you probably know there is a safety device built into the tank valve that will shut off the gas if it goes through the valve too fast after changing out tanks, open the valve very slowly., sounds like you have it now. also try to avoid CW..if possible. happy travels Marvin

    1. Marvin,
      I guess you and Barbra are getting down to y'all's few remaining days at AS. Hope you have a safe journey back to SC.

  3. I'm more worried about propane leaks than anything else in the rig I think. Glad you got the problem worked out without any danger.

  4. Sorry to hear about the propane leak. When you have a house on wheels you will have problems from time to time.