Monday, July 29, 2013

Unsheduled Visit to Milledgeville

When Judy and I started our off week last Tue. we were planning  a  lazy relaxing week here at the park.  I am all in for Lazy and Relaxing.

On Wed. Judy did her monthly self exam and didn't like the results. She called me in to confirm that she had in-fact felt something and I agreed that there was something there. Our next scheduled visit back to Milledgeville wasn't until Aug. the 22nd when we go for our dental appointments. We discussed waiting until then but I knew she would worry until then so I suggested she call her doctor and see when they could work her in. The said they could get her in Friday.

I called my sister to see if we could stay with her Thur through Sat. Her and her husband seem to always like for us to visit. We always have a good time visiting and watching the Braves!

Judy and I went for her appointment Friday morning. The Doctor examined the lump and also had Judy get a mammogram. The doctor and the tech said they did not think it was anything to worry about. It will also be looked at by another pathologist and a more definitive result will be generated. Judy left the Doctor's office more confident that there aren't any problems. It is always better to err on the side of caution.

After leaving the Doctor's office we drove Oconee National Forest office and purchased a "Senior Pass".  We were surprised when we arrived at the office and found that the receptionist was one of our friends from our motorcycle riding days. Cheri was as surprised to see us as we were to see her! Before we left the Ranger tried to get us to take a "host" position. We had to decline the offer.

While in Milledgeville Judy got a call from one of her friends from our former neighborhood inquiring as to when Judy would be back in Milledgeville and was surprised when Judy told her we were in M'Ville. Virginia asked Judy to stop by and see her before we returned to the park. Judy stopped by Virginia's on Sat. Virginia gave Judy a very nice "Welcome" sign to stand outside our RV to welcome visitors. I already have it set up! Thanks, Virginia!!

Thanks, Virginia

We returned to the park on Sunday. Unless something comes up we are going to just take it easy until we report for duty Tue evening.

That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Oh my, so glad to hear Judy's OK. You're right, always good to have things like that checked right away. Jim

  2. That's great news for Judy. I love the sign, that's going to be cool out front in Fla.

    We made it thru NYC, yahooo!

  3. Hope the final results confirm that all is ok. Love the new sign!

  4. Anneke recently when thru the same process and in the end all was OK. They have some great diagnosis skills now, hoping all continues to be OK for you!

  5. I hope everything turns out okay. Must be scary.