Monday, July 1, 2013

Slow week off

Our week off has been slow, the way we like it.  Judy and I traveled back to Lake Sinclair to stay a couple of days with my sister Faye and brother-in-law, Bill. They seem to be glad to have us visit.  I dropped the Cardinal off at RV Rovers to have the roof washed/conditioned and re-chaulked while we were away.

Judy and I returned Friday so I could pick-up the RV and get it set back up at the park.  The roof on the RV looks very good.  I had hoped that the re-chaulking would take care of the leak but it didn't.  Today, Monday, I will try again to find the water entry point. I am sure it will be an easy fix once I find it.
Roof cleaned and conditioned

Judy and I have a real busy week ahead of us here at the park.  We just want to get the 4th of July week behind us. Every camp site is reserved through next Sunday.  After the 4th of July week we will only have four more work weeks left here. Judy and I will have to decide where we will be going after Labor Day.  Our next scheduled stay is Avon Park, FL beginning Dec. 01. I am sure we will come up with somewhere nice for the three months in between.

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  1. It does seem like the summer is flying by :-)

  2. Jim, if you have any clearance lights on the front cap make sure those are well sealed. Often they are attached to the rigs with just a rubber gasket between the light and the cap which deteriorates over time. I have had the same problem and used clear silicone to seal around the edges.


  3. Only four weeks to go? We're in the NE, come follow us. The Florida is so happy you're going back to Adelaide, we're all excited about that. See you soon.