Saturday, July 20, 2013

Making Future Plans

Things have been slow most of this week.  We must be entering into the "Dog Days" of summer because I don't want to do much of anything.  The park is very quiet also. attendance is below 50% this weekend.

Judy and I have been firming up our fall travel plans and have scaled back a little.  We had loosely planned to head up to New England, maybe making it to Maine but we have scaled back and now plan to only travel as far North as Virginia. We hope to make it to the Tidewater area where we lived during most of the time I was in the Navy and to Bedford, VA. where we lived and I taught at the Middle School for seven years after retiring from the Navy. We have friends in both areas whose friendship means more to us than they probably realize. After leaving VA. we will meander south arriving back to  Adelaide Shores RV Resort in Avon Park Florida around Dec. 01.
Bedford Middle School

Our long range plans will most likely include heading out west next travel season. I am sure Oregon will be in those plans. Judy and I like the structure that volunteering or workamping offers so we hope to find a position during some of that time. So, if you have any recommendations for OR, WY, MT, WA, ID let us know. As things firm up I will update here.

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  1. We can sure relate to the idea of scaling back the travel plans. It seems we are way more ambitious six months out and then as the departure time grows nearer we tend to simplify our itinerary. We enjoy longer stays in fewer places now, but have not yet tried workamping.

    Your Florida park looks quite inviting!

  2. Its funny... I can so much time (enjoyable time) planning out a route and places to stay and sites to see... then as it gets closer we don't end up doing what I have planned. We have "planned" and East coast trip a few times, but it never happens. We have one planned again! This time I think it will actually happen. But all we really know is we will head East from NE Wyoming where we are at right now, around the 3rd week of August, and hope to spend time in Florida in Nov-Jan.
    As for hosting or workamping... we have hosted at a few Oregon State Parks and really enjoyed it. We are hosting at Keyhole SP in NE Wyoming right now, and its great too. We checked into Idaho SP, and it seemed like they wanted way too much out of a volunteer.

  3. We don't workamp but if you want to know of places to see in Oregon, I would be more than happy to share. It is indeed a beautiful place to be. i wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

  4. We are enjoying our time here at the fish hatchery. It is very close to the coast, 1.5 hrs from Portland & Astoria. The work is not difficult, and no public to harass you! Email me if you want info They have no one signed up here at all after we leave.

    1. Oregon is at the top of our list if we decide not to seek a paid workamper position. We researched positions with PGE recreation parks but as with most paid positions it would require a seasonal commitment unlike the shorter commitments at SPs. I guess we will mull it over a little longer. Are ya'll going to meet with the group in SC in Oct?

    2. Yes, we are! You are certainly invited. Dee & Jim are going to be there too. We'll be heading down to FL for our next WC gig right after we leave SC.