Saturday, August 3, 2013

Campground Wind Down

The campground has entered into the "wind down" phase as evidenced by the low number of campers in the park this weekend. There are only twelve sites occupied. I checked the reservations for the remaining weekends and found  only Labor Day weekend booked up. Most schools in the area opened in the last couple of days and the remaining ones will open after Monday.  Today (Sat.) we do not have one single check-in scheduled.

Judy and I have been mostly idle this week. The most excitement we've had was when I snapped the ends off my two fishing rods.  I could lie, like most fishermen and say the rods were broken while trying to land the "big one", but the rods met a more mundane fate.  I accidentally raised the CRV windows up on the rods and snapped about a foot off each rod tip. We all do Dumb Things, it just seems I do more than my fair share. I have already gone to Wally World and replaced both rods. It would just be wrong to be on a nice lake and not have the means to just stop and fish at will.

Judy and I have made future travel reservations for Huntington Beach State Park located near Myrtle Beach, SC. from Oct. 27- Nov. 3. It will give us the opportunity to meet back up with Dee and Jim (TumbleWeed) and to meet fellow bloggers George and Laurie (Owens on the Road). We are going to have to get busy filling in the rest of our travel schedule between Sep.-Dec.

Judy and I will be returning to the M'ville/Macon area so she can have some follow-up test on our next off period. Judy received a call from her doctor yesterday.  The doctor informed Judy that the pathology report did not indicate any areas for concern but she wanted Judy to have an ultra scan just to make sure. If any anomalies show up during the ultra scan a biopsy would be conducted.

Thanks to all who left comments of encouragement.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. I'm glad to hear the doctors report showed nothing of concern at this point. You will both feel better when you get all the testing done.

  2. So glad you guys decided to join all of us in Myrtle Beach! The campground is great, and the walks on the beach are heavenly. Judy is still in my prayers as she awaits more tests.