Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Movie and Dinner

There was nothing else to do because the weather has not cooperated at all this week.  Judy and I have been pretty much couch potatoes since getting home from the park. We did find some slight damage at home from the high winds that just missed us at the park. We live one hundred thirty miles north east and the severe weather took direct aim on our area. The winds were reported to be up to seventy MPH.  I found that my purple martin poles had been bent quite a bit. One gourd attached under the Martin house was blown off. I still haven’t found it. I hope the Purple Martin got out. I lowered the telescoping house pole to reduce the effects of the wind. I was not sure if the PMs would return to it at the lower level but they did. I have ordered a new pole.

On Sat. we decided we had had enough of sitting on the couch watching college basket ball and a never ending stream of “Little House on the Prairie” and HGTV (Judy’s idea of good TV). We headed out to the 4:00 PM showing of “Olympus Has Fallen” staring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman. It is a fast paced thriller. If you like those types of movies you will probably like it.

Afterwards, we headed to the Brick restaurant near the college for dinner. Judy and I plan to do a repeat Sunday since the weather is not going to be any better. I feel like I have wasted a week because I haven’t gotten any spring yard work done.

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Looks like some challenging weather in Georgia. We are missing most of it in Fort Myers, but just north of us in Tampa there have been high winds and storms. Sure don't miss the yard work!

  2. The weather is getting crazy again. Supposed to snow tomorrow in PA. Nice here in CA :-)