Monday, March 4, 2013

The First weekend of the 2013 Season is History

The first of twenty four weeks of camping is now history. Even though it was a cold weekend all of the campers said they enjoyed getting out. Most of them have already made reservations for a follow-up weekend.

Judy and I did not make many rounds of the park, we mostly stayed in the office.  Most of the campers we had were all regulars that frequently camp as a group. The last one left today. Now, Judy and I are the only ones in the park. We will be heading back home tomorrow at 6PM after we are relieved by Ed and Char.
Since the park opened Friday we have made between forty and fifty reservations. The first week of April is spring break for many public schools in the area and a lot of families like to spend it here at the park.

Last night it got down into the mid 20’s. I got a reminder of just how cold that is this AM when I got up at 6:00 to get ready to come over to the office. When I turned the water faucet on nothing came out. Yep, the water was frozen. I went out to check the water hose and outside faucet and both were frozen. I normally disconnect the hose or let an inside faucet run slightly. I just forgot. I used Judy’s hair dryer to thaw the outside faucet and then laid the hose out so that the morning sun could thaw it out.

Judy went to the park showers. By the time she got back the sun had done its job and I soon had the water flowing again. I will not make that mistake again anytime soon.

I had one more disappointment.

14 golf cart flat

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