Thursday, January 17, 2013

Movie and RV Show Gathering

Judy and I decided to have a movie day Wednesday on the spur of the moment.  We finished our morning activities before heading down to the theatre in Sebring.  We also invited Jim and Dee to go with us because JIm had indicated he wanted to see the movie also.  The movie we saw was “Zero Dark Thirty” (TRAILER). We all enjoyed the movie. The focus of the movie is one CIA agent’s pain staking search for OBL  The SEAL’s operation is part of the movie but a better understanding of the SEAL’s action can be found in the book “No Easy Day”.
142 zero-dark-thirty-poster
No Easy Day – Gives a first hand account of the OBL
142 no-easy-day-book-jacket
Today we rode with Jim and Dee to the Tampa RV show. We saw a lot of nice RV’s but we are not in the market. Judy and I like to go to the shows so we can keep up with the latest improvements in the RV industry. Dee had organized a meeting/lunch with fellow bloggers and RVers.  Judy and I enjoyed the opportunity to meet many new friends and fellow blogger Karen and Al. We have been following their adventures for a couple of years.
The weather could have been much better. A cold front came through the Tampa area and it brought lower temps and rainy weather.  We got to see everything  we wanted to see though but it was pretty cool and wet.
That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. I was jealous to see all that came to the RV show. Seems like all our blogger friends are in Florida!
    Glad you got to meet so many of them.

    1. Hey Laurie & George, Hopefully, you can join us next year.