Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back Home in GA.

The past few days were busy for Judy and I getting ready to leave Florida to return home for a while. We sure were not looking forward to leaving Adelaide Shores RV Resort. We will surely miss all of our new friends. Dee and Jim were great neighbors. Many folks stopped by to tell us good-by and wish us a safe trip. Jon and Kathleen stopped by Tue evening as well as Steve. Chuck stopped by earlier in the day and confirmed that he and Karen are going to stop by Blanton Creek Park (where Judy and I are workampers) on their way back to Indiana.  The shuffle board group and  card group also gave us a nice send off. We have made reservations for next year. Judy and I are missing everyone already.

Dee and Jim made it a point to get up early Wed. to see us off.  Judy and I are looking forward to seeing them in April when they stop by Blanton Creek on their way to points north. Thanks again Dee and Jim for making sure we had a great time and for getting up early to see us off.

Judy must have taken this, I recocnize her thumb! Thanks for seeing us off Jim & Dee

We had planned to go to Jacksonville for a two day stay at a RV park on the Naval Base at May Port. Due to an administrative snafu - no registration for the fiver, we changed our plans on the fly and overnighted at Crooked River SP in St. Mary's, GA. It is located five miles from Kings Bay Submarine Base. We did not even unhitch the fiver since we were only staying one night. We are very familiar with the area as our son was stationed on one of the subs there when he was in the Navy. Judy and I had a nice seafood dinner at Lang's Seafood restaurant on the St. Mary's River Wed night. Thurs morning we left the fiver at the cg and went to the base. I stopped by security and got DOD registrations for my truck and Judy's CRV. Now we can drive on any military bases without having to get a temp pass. We also checked out the base RV park and went to the base exchange to get a little shopping in. We got back to the CG at 12:45 and I hopped into the truck and we were soon back on the road.
Main gate at Kings Bay Sub Base

Views from Lang's Seafood Restaurant

The trip from Crooked River CG to our home is about 220 miles. I had a slight scare when we were about fifty miles from home. My Pressure Pro TPMS sounded an audible alarm and flashed the right rear tire position on the fiver. It also flashed that the tire pressure was down to 70PSI from 80PSI.  I muted the alarm and looked for a place that I could pull off the road. I was driving on HW 441.  It took me approx 3 min to get to a safe area. Judy pulled off behind me and I had already told her which tire was having a problem. She actually got to it before I did.  She told me air was coming out at the valve where the sensor was screwed on.  I told her to tighten it down. That stopped the leak.  I took the sensor off and used my digital pressure gage to check the pressure. It was at 53 PSI.  I reinstalled the sensor to the valve and check for leaks.  Once back in the truck I confirmed the pressure with the Pressure Pro system and it indicated 53 PSI also.  I decided to continue the last fifty miles. The rest of the trip went fine. I will inflate the tire back to 80 PSI Friday AM.

Judy and I arrived home at 7:45 PM. After a little unpacking we called it a day. We will off load some things of the Cardinal tomorrow. We will be opening Blanton Creek in three and a half weeks.

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.
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 In the morning we got the fiver ready for travel so all we would have to do was


  1. That was exactly what the TPMS was supposed to do. Glad it saved you from a blowout and you made it safely. Guess you didn't run into any of the bad weather northern Georgia got.

  2. That sub base campground was great! Walking the trails and hearing the warning about not straying into the restricted area kept us our toes:)