Thursday, September 10, 2015

It’s Official, Summer is Over

Pelton Park - Madras, Oregon   H   L

To borrow a line from a Keith Urban tune, “Summer’s Come and Gone”. This past weekend, was the last hurrah for most campers, the Labor Day Weekend. The park was full as usual.

Even though the park was full it just didn’t seem like this was a major holiday weekend. A couple of factors contributed in making the holiday have a subdued feeling to it. Due to all the wildfires campfires were not permitted. Camping is just not the same without a campfire as the social focal point at night. This coupled with much lower temps (H60 L37) had most campers inside their tents or RVs by 10:00 PM. Sure made the camp host job easy. At least it didn’t rain, although we could sure use a good rain.

Empty Swim Area Labor Day Weekend LD swim area

 blake shelton Blake Shelton stopped by! (NOT)

Tue Judy and I took another scenic drive with our friends Terry and Rose. We headed east on HWY 26 and left the main road just east of Prineville to drive on some Forrest Service backroads. It wasn’t long before the blacktop gave way to gravel and remoteness. After we were deep into the NFS land Terry had to come to a stop because sheep were coming out of the forest onto the gravel road. At first there was just a trickle of sheep but soon we were surrounded by hundreds of sheep entering the narrow road. They just kept coming for at least ten minutes. We never saw an individual but finally we saw a lone dog bringing up the rear and keeping the sheep on the move.  That was something we had never seen before.

sheep 1     sheep 4

sheep 5

Judy and I are starting to get the RV ready for travel. We will be be getting back on the road on Sept. 29th.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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