Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Closed … til April 2016 / Headed South

Caldwell, Idaho  H 85  L 45

Judy locked the gate at Pelton Park promptly at 1:00 PM Sunday ending the 2015 camping season.  It was another enjoyable season here for us and we most likely will be back next season. Judy and I have made many friends here and like Central Oregon. That is not to say that we weren’t ready to head out. Pelton Park is Portland General Electric’s crown jewel park and is full every weekend from Memorial Day until the weekend after Labor Day, that translates to between 240-300 people in the park every weekend.

locking gate 2015 a       locking gate 2015 b

A few days before we closed the park Jim and Cindy, who operate the marina and café invited us out for a dinner cruise on Lake Simtustus. They have decided that after five years it is time to sell out. We are going to miss them immensely. They have been great friends to us. They are building a home up on the canyon rim about ten miles from the park and I know we will be visiting them when we return.

evening cruise 1    Cindy at the helm     evening cruise 2

Jim and Cindy’s new home (under construction) 

Jim Cindy house 1         jim cindy house 2

Monday Judy and I pulled out for our 340 mile pull to Caldwell, ID.  We had great driving weather and traffic was non-existent. Our one night stopover at the Ambassador RV Resort may turn into a two night stop if I can get a service appointment at the local Chrysler dealership Tue. I would like to get an oil change and replace the fuel filter for the truck.

Stopped in a const. zone  Park to Caldwell 1

Ambassador RV Resort #109 ambassador RV 109

Once we leave here we will be going to Willard’s Bay State park in Utah.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I'm glad to hear you'll be back next year. It seems to fit you guys perfectly. Thanks for posting.