Monday, September 21, 2015

Only One Week Left

Madras, Oregon    H72  L47

Judy and I only have one more week here at Pelton Park before we hitch-up and head south to Arizona. We have enjoyed our second season working at the park but we are ready to get moving.

Now that Labor Day has past, the number of campers at the park has dropped off sharply. This weekend only 23 sites were occupied and less than five will be in the park each night during the week.

Last week all the Yomes (15) were lowered and taken out of service until the park opens again next April. Don and I had some help doing this. Rick and Gary from the west side came over and Terry came down from Round Butte Overlook to help us. We took all the beds apart and transported them and their mattresses to a large storage container. The canvas sides were removed and stored also. Each yome was then lowered and covered with a large tarp.

Yome 2     Yome 3

yome    container yome

Don and I will continue getting the park ready for next Sunday’s shutdown and Judy and Linda will be doing the same for the office.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi...we too are leaving next Wed. We are going to Brookings for a week and then back to Sacramento for appointments before heading south for the winter. Where will you be staying in AZ? We will be at Towerpoint Resort from mid Dec-April. We will be workkamping at the poolside bistro 12hs week in exchange for our space and utilities.

    We were asked to come back next year so we signed up for Sept. at the Coves. We are already booked for July-Aug at Champoeg and hope to find a hosting spot north of Portland for June.
    Safe Travels...I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Enjoyed spending a couple weeks with you guys at Pelton, even though you put me to work the whole time. :-) Safe travels to you and perhaps we can meet up somewhere down the road.