Monday, August 31, 2015

Another Fire!

Pelton Park CG, Madras, Oregon  H 74 L 54

Fire season is going strong here in Central Oregon. The “Two Counties Fire” that I mentioned in previous post is still burning two and a half weeks later.  It is now about 70% contained.

Saturday, we received a call letting us know a fire had started and got out of control at the Cove Palisades State Park about three miles away as the crow flies or as the fire burns! Our friend Rose was working down at Pelton rushed back to Round Butt Overlook day use park where her and her husband Terry work and live in their Montana fifth wheel. Terry was getting the 5ver ready for immediate evacuation as Round Butte is only about two miles from “The Cove”.  Rose stopped by and helped Terry get things ready to go and then went to one of the overlooks near The Cove so she could act as a spotter for Terry so she could keep him advised on the movement of the fire.

It has been determined that charcoal was disposed of improperly sparking the fire. The “E Loop” at The Cove is near one of the canyon walls and quickly burned up the wall to the flat rim. The fire was spread by high winds and consumed about 300-400 acres and two homes. Luckily for Rose and Terry the wind shifted and the fire was pushed away from Round Butte.

Once Judy and I got off work we went over to view point three overlooking the state park and watched the mop up operations for a half hour or so.

Below is pics from the view point of the aerial operation

* Click pics to enlarge

The fire area is in the upper left of pic Fire helo 8A


Helo approaching water collection point 

Fire Helo 17A       Fire Helo 12A

Water Collection  Fire Helo 13A

The Water Drop  

Fire Helo 15A     Fire Helo 16A

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  1. We arrived at The Cove yesterday for our Sept. Hosting assignment at the des chutes campground. Not many campers here. Glad we missed the fire. They have banned charcoal now as well as firewood. The only thing allowed is propane camp stoves. We have good cell service here but another month with no satellite TV...too many trees. Stay safe!