Friday, April 3, 2015

Moving ON

Desert Eagle FamCamp, Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV  H74  L55

We pulled out of Apache Junction Wed around 11:00.  Judy and I left out of the park at 7:30 AM and took the fiver over to Apache Junction Tire Service for an appointment to have the wheel bearings re-packed on the RV. While that was being done Judy and I finished up the final paperwork on the investment property we purchased.  So when we return to the area the house will be completed. 

Model of property: house 2

Since we didn’t get an early start, we only drove 200 miles to Kingman, AZ.  The drive was easy and uneventful, just the way we like it.  Once in Kingman, we fueled up and found a spot for the night. We thought we would stay at the Flying J, but after getting in a space I noticed a Big K (K-Mart) nearby. It can be very loud in a Flying J lot at night so after consultation with Judy, we moved over to the Big K.

Thurs AM we continued our drive to Las Vegas.  It was easy driving the 100 miles and reached the “Desert Eagle” famcamp at Nellis AFB in early afternoon.  It is a nice park but spaces are assigned by the staff without any input from the camper. I was assigned a water and electric site even though I would have preferred a site with a sewer connection.  I guess for $18.00 per night in Las Vegas, I should be happy. I did add a night to my stay.  We will continue our northward trek on Sunday.

Friday Judy and I took a day trip to the Hoover Dam.  It would not have been right to pass up the opportunity.  It was well worth the visit. Like many places full-time RVers visit and write about, the Hoover Dam must be seen in person to fully grasp the engineering feat.

"Click, to learn more about the Hoover Dam"

Hoover 1A     hoover 2A

Driving across Hoover Dam  Hoover 3A

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  1. Uneventful travel is definitely a good thing. The water level sure is low but the dam is amazing. Don't lose too much money while you're there.

    1. We try to avoid those places where the odds are stacked against you!

  2. We were there 2 years ago, amazing how much more the water level has dropped. Have fun in that area, lots to see.