Sunday, April 19, 2015

Nevada to Oregon

The blog needs a little catching up so that will be the goal of this entry.  The last entry focused on the day trips Judy and I took while in the Las Vegas area. In this one, I will address the 900 or so mile drive from Vegas to Madras.

Usually we take a month or so to get to our workamping job, so we can take in the sights along the way. Since we postponed our departure date from Arizona by a month the trip back to Madras was a “Point A to Point B”  kind of a trip. 

The six hundred miles from Las Vegas to Oregon were pretty much what I call “ nothingness” miles, filled with desolate and  rugged landscapes.  Just what you would expect when you drive through places like Death Valley and Area 51! It amazes me at the vast amount of “nothingness land” this country has to offer. Even these lands have their own beauty.  These lands can’t be found back East.  While at an overnight stop in Hawthorne NV I noticed one of the RV tires was worn pretty severely on the outer tread. It would have probably been ok for the rest of the trip but I always like to err on the side of caution so I made a stop at Les Schwab Tire Center in Fallon, NV and had the tire replaced.

nv nothingness A      NV nothingness 2 A

Area 51 A

The last three hundred miles of the journey were after we crossed the Oregon southern border.  The land was just as open but the landscape changed from brown to green.  We ended up driving over four hundred miles that day. Judy and I stopped in Burns, OR for the night. Due to the long drive and the night’s low was forecast to be 22* I surprised Judy when I told her we were going to get a room for the night, so we pulled into a “Best Western” with truck and RV parking. It was about 10:PM.  Judy was a happy camper.

The next morning we woke up to the coldest temps we had experienced in a long time. After a good breakfast we drove the last 180 miles to Pelton Park.  Judy an I pulled into the Park just after noon. We both are glad to be back. We took our original camp host spot and set up.  Our first work day wasn’t until Monday so we had five days to take it easy and get settled in.  The first two weeks are get the park ready to open weeks.

Arriving at Pelton Park, Madras, Oregon

arriving pelton 2015  A

Judy and I drove to Portland on April 11 to visit our son Jason.  We had a belated 35th birthday celebration for him. We also saw the home he had recently purchased.  Jason took us on a tour of the hospital’s new neuro-ICU where he is a critical care RN. It was very impressive.

Near Mt. Hood, going to Portland Govt camp 4 15 A

jason Judy house A

ICU 1 A       ICU 2 A

Jason ICU 1 A

That is all for now, more about the park once we open next Friday. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. So glad you made it there safely. Man, 400 miles is a long way! Dee would skin me alive if I made her drive that long behind me. :) BTW, we miss seeing you guys a few sites from us here at Cherry Point. Also, Miss Alberta says hi to you both.

    1. Jim,
      Only planned 225 or so, but there was no where to stop for the night so we had to keep driving.

  2. Sure happy to read that you guys are there and settled in safely. You covered a lot of territory in a short amount of time. Have a great summer.

  3. Nice trip, and made it safely. Good luck at your returning gig.

  4. Where did you get the image on the top of your page? It looks amazing!

    1. Peter,
      That is a pic of Hoover Dam. It was one of our "must see" attractions. thanks for the comment.