Sunday, March 29, 2015

Update: 03-29-15

Apache Junction    H91  L60

Judy and I have completed our last full week here in the sunny and rapidly warming southwest.  Yesterday temps reached the mid-nineties. Although the temps are about 8* above normal.

This past week Judy and I have been busy making preps to hit the road next Wed. It wasn’t all work though, we had time to participate in our park activities such as cards and shuffleboard.  We even had time to go out with some of our friends and meet new friends!

Tue we met new friends Sandie & Jim for a lunchtime meet and greets. They are fulltime RVers and Sandie chronicles their travels in her blog, “Where Are the Dixons Today?".  Check-out the blog. Judy and I hope we get to see them later as they travel north.

Sandie and Jim A 

 Saturday we met up with our friends Margaret and Tony to take in the Tempe Spring Arts Festival.  Afterwards we had lunch at one of the many micro-breweries. Tempe is the home of Arizona State Univ.

Art Fest 1A       Art fest 2A

Tonight we are going to participate in an evening of shuffleboard under the lights.  Last Sunday evening we played in the Can Am (Canadians vs  Americans) shuffleboard match. It was so popular we are going do it again.

The only other thing we did this week was buy an investment property.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

Next Blog: not sure,  but it will not be more than a week or so.


  1. Time to move on. We're leaving next Saturday. We got the caulking done today, there wasn't a lot, but enough to hopefully not get a leak. They took down a couple gazebos and maybe putting in bocce court. See you next fall.

  2. Not fair! You leave us with a teaser like that and don't explain where the property is? And what this means for your future? I hope your operational plans aren't classified. :)

    1. Judy will give you a call tomorrow with the details.

  3. I'm out of gigabytes so haven't done much posting. Safe travels and I'm sure glad we got together before you headed out. Hopefully see you before too long.

  4. We just got in to Apache Junction this afternoon. We're at Lost Dutchman SP. Gorgeous area! I will be doing a lot of hiking. Too bad we missed you.