Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Opening Week – Pelton Park

Last Friday at 6:00 AM I unlocked the main gate at Pelton Park, kicking off the 2015 camping season.  The weather was cool and overcast.  The campers began arriving at 2:00 PM, fourteen sites were rented.  Judy checked to see how many sites we rented last year (10) on opening day so a few more campers showed up this year.  Saturday was the first day of trout fishing.

The park is in great shape.  PGE assigned four extra staff members to the park two to four weeks prior to opening day to help get the park cleaned up. Last year it was only me and the other host. Six workers can get a lot more done than two!  During the off season the park got a couple of really nice capital improvements, a new three bay garage and two (still under construction) lake front cabins, making the park even more awesome. I almost forgot, the dog swim area floating dock, yes the park has a dedicated swim area for dogs, was upgraded and the people swim area floating dock is going to be replaced. PGE is dedicated to keeping Pelton Park the best campground in central Oregon. That is one reason Judy and I came back.

New Improvements 

Lake front cabin                                            View from cabin

Cabin 1      Cabin view A

Dog Swim Area   Dog swim dock A

Garage 1 A   New Garage

Park Pics

swim area A      Kitchen 1A

Back trail to marina A

host site 3      Pelton Dam A

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  1. A dog swim area - how cool is that. Not that our two would ever get near the water but for those dogs like labs who love the water - that is just neat. It really is a beautiful campground.,

  2. Well it took three days but I finished reading your blog all the way through. Very informative. I bookmarked your site so I'll be back to check up on your travels. Thank you for posting all the detail.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I'll see you down the road.