Sunday, April 6, 2014

Travel Day to USAF FAM CAMP- Colorado Springs, CO.

We made most of our travel preps Friday evening so we could get an early start Saturday for the 400 mile trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado. All we had to do Sat. morning was to disconnect from shore power and put the slides in.

Friday morning we met with Sonjia and Bob, workampers at the Texas Ranch RV Park where we had been staying for the past week to discuss workamper opportunities for the future. They shared a lot of info that we may look into for future workamper jobs. Thanks again Sonia and Bob.

Sonjia Bob Judy Amarillo   Sonjia, Bob, and Judy –Thanks for Sharing!

Judy and I took mostly US/State HWY roads up from Amarillo into Oklahoma and Colorado, only driving the last fifty miles or so north on I25 to Colorado Springs. We arrived at the Fam Camp CG at the USAF Academy at 4:20PM. We picked up an hour with the time zone change. The CG is very nice. I am sure we will be back when we can stay longer and take advantage of the things the area has to offer. My next post will focus on the CG. I haven’t had time to get out and take any pics. 

Pics from The Road

Wind farm TX        Mesa TX B


Site 57 USAF Academy Fam Camp USAF Academy site 57

After setting up we headed out for dinner. Judy said she was in the mood for an Italian meal.  I pulled into the Olive Garden and Judy checked to see how long the wait would be. She came back and got back in the truck and said the wait would be in excess of 40 min.  She then suggested we just grab some fast food because she didn’t want to wait and we could come back Sunday earlier so we wouldn’t have to wait. I drove to a nearby Steak and Shake. There were a lot of people there but we went in anyway. Once in, we were informed that there would be a 30 min. wait! I was surprised that there was a wait at a hamburger joint but the thing that surprised me more was that they pass out those vibrating things to inform you when a table was ready. We waited because we don’t mind waiting for really good food!!

CO Spgs Steak Shake

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  1. My son is hoping to move to CO Springs in a year or so. He says that the restaurant business is hopping there. Apparently so!