Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Travel Day to Heyburn, Idaho

Judy and I got a late departure from Colorado Springs due to a early morning snow shower for the 750 mile ride to Heyburn, Idaho.  We initially canceled our departure due to the snow but it had stopped snowing by 8:15 AM and the skies began clearing so we decided to hitch up and leave.  By the time we reached Denver the skies were totally clear. It was a bit WINDY though. 

Delayed departure from Colorado Springs USAF Academy FamCamp

USAF Academy Departure 1      USAF Academy Departure 2

We did not reach our scheduled stopping point, Rock Springs, WY (432 miles) until 7:40 due to our late departure. We pulled into the Wal-Mart there and found several RV’s there already. Judy and I went inside and picked up a few things and then called it a day.

Driving in Wyoming

WY R VIew 4     WY road view 1

Judy and I pulled out of Wally World at 5:15 and continued west on I80. After leaving Wyoming, our journey included Utah and Idaho. The temps ranged from 24’ to 72’ when we arrived in Heyburn, ID.  Once we got over the mountains in Utah it warmed up rapidly.  Since we got an early start today we had covered the 325 miles by 12:30.  After the long drive yesterday a short drive was welcomed by both of us. I used my Allstays APP to find a Rv park.  The Country RV Village is located just off I84. It is a nice park to stay in after a day’s travel. The park is very clean and neat with many nice long pull throughs. The cost of the stay is $27.00 with a discount. Judy and I changed our overnight plans for a three night stay.  We adjusted out stay longer because we changed out arrival date at Pelton Park from Thursday until Sat. In doing so, we will arrive at the park the same day as our coworkers.

Daybreak diesel top off

TA Day Break

Driving through Utah

Utah 3     Snowy PKs Utah 1

Site 13 Country RV Village, Heyburn, ID

Country RV Village site 13 Heyburn ID

Judy has already scheduled a day trip for Thursday to Shoshone Falls and Dierkes Lake. I am going to use the down time to get the oil changed in the truck tomorrow.

That is all for today. Thanks for stopping by.

Next Blog: Thurs.

PS – Always make sure all cargo doors are secure, especially when it is windy!

Ouch Front Basement door


  1. Man, you guys are keeping up an insane pace! Dee said if I tried to leave at 5:15am I'd be leaving alone. :) Beautiful scenery in Utah.

  2. So sorry to see your cargo door duct taped :( You are keeping an insane pace, but we've been there, done that :)

    1. At least I had the tape! I have learned in life, most anything can be repaired. It just takes money! I will certainly be doing more walk around checks before and during travel.

  3. Whoa, slow down a bit. You're not even seeing the roses at that pace much less smelling them.

    1. We only picked up the pace after leaving Amarillo. We start our summer season workamper job on the 14th so we had to pick up the pace during the last week of travel. We will pick the slower travel pace up again in Sept. As we work out way to AS.

  4. Heyburn State Park? Do you know which campground you'll be at? We've vacationed many times at Hawleys Landing campground at Heyburn. The park is about an hour southeast of us here in Spokane and very beautiful. We have our trailer permanently parked for the summer about 1/2 hour north of Spokane. This is truly a beautiful part of the world. We moved here from Omaha, NE 20 years ago and still haven't grown tired of the mountains all around us.

    1. Betsy,
      We are at a small mom & pop CG located just off I 84 in Heyburn, ID. The park name is Country RV Village Rv Park. We have enjoyed our stay here and the owner/host are extremely nice.