Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day Trip to the Cadillac Ranch & RV Museum

Judy and I continue to hang out in Amarillo, killing time before we head north up I25 and cooler weather. It is giving us the time to see some local attractions that you don’t have time to see when you just pass through. Wed we visited the “Cadillac Ranch and Jack Sisemore RV Museum.

Most people visit the Cadillac Ranch for the same reason people climb mountains, because it is there. The last time I stopped by was in 2007 when my son Jason, and I took a two week Harley road trip to ride in the Rockies. If you would like to know the backstory of the Cadillac Ranch Click Here.

Cadilac Ranch 1 impres effect    Cadilac Ranch 2

We just happened to pick up a pamphlet in the park office about the Jack Sisemore RV Museum. I goggled Amarillo Attractions and found it to be one of the highest rated tourist sights. Once we arrived we found that it was located on the back lot of the Jack Sisemore RV Dealership. It was well worth visiting. If you are ever in Amarillo I recommend that you check it out. It includes an excellent display of many Harley Davidson classic motorcycles.

jack-sisemore-traveland     car museum static 1

RV Museum bus

Car Museum Air Strm      car museum pu camper

car museum winni sign

RV Museum winni 1       car museum winni interior

car museum vw

car museum static 2     carmuseum static 3

Saturday will be a travel day to Colorado Springs, Colorado

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. We forgot to tell you about the museum. I'm so glad you went. It's well worth it. Safe travels, there's storms again in the midwest.

  2. Yeah, that's a great little museum. I can't believe we didn't think about telling you about it. So glad you happened to find out about it. Have fun in Colo. Springs. If you haven't done it, a trip up Pike's Peak is on the "don't miss" list.

  3. I've seen a lot about both things, and it's on our list for sure. Colorado Springs is beautiful! You'll love the area.

  4. We've never done much visiting in Amarillo. Only placed we've stayed was overnight at a Ford dealer. Pulled in with a 2006 Ford F250 with 3,000 miles left on warranty with burned injectors and fuel pump ready to go out. Left with a 2014 F350. Hopefully next time in that area it won't cost so much.

    1. Phyllis,
      Good news, the RV Museum is FREE, although it is located a an RV dealership and that can be a threat to your bank account also!!

  5. I think we saw that museum last time we passed through Amarillo, but did not stop. We will more than likely make a stop in Amarillo again this year on our way to New Mexico. Free is good!

    Love the header photo!