Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back on the Job

I remember an old movie titled, “If it’s Tuesday, This Must be Belgium. Well for Judy and I now, if it is Tuesday we must be back on the job. We arrived back at Blanton Creek Park at 2:45 PM.
Judy and I left home a little earlier today so we could pick up some Easter flowers to put on my parents graves. Judy’s parents are also buried in the same cemetery so we also  stopped by to see the flowers her sister had put on her grave.

After we had taken over the duties at the park we decided we would pick up dinner from Hunter’s Pub. Judy called in our food order and I went to pick it up. Boy, do they have good steaks!
Sunday we returned to the movie theatre for another movie day, our second one in two days.  We enjoy going to the movies but it is rare for us to go twice in two days. We were not enjoying the cold and windy weather. Judy and I went to see “OZ - The Great and Powerful”.  Judy and I liked the movie a lot. We recommend it to be watched in 3D. I think it was the best 3 D movie I have every seen and the colors were awesome.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Movie and Dinner

There was nothing else to do because the weather has not cooperated at all this week.  Judy and I have been pretty much couch potatoes since getting home from the park. We did find some slight damage at home from the high winds that just missed us at the park. We live one hundred thirty miles north east and the severe weather took direct aim on our area. The winds were reported to be up to seventy MPH.  I found that my purple martin poles had been bent quite a bit. One gourd attached under the Martin house was blown off. I still haven’t found it. I hope the Purple Martin got out. I lowered the telescoping house pole to reduce the effects of the wind. I was not sure if the PMs would return to it at the lower level but they did. I have ordered a new pole.

On Sat. we decided we had had enough of sitting on the couch watching college basket ball and a never ending stream of “Little House on the Prairie” and HGTV (Judy’s idea of good TV). We headed out to the 4:00 PM showing of “Olympus Has Fallen” staring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman. It is a fast paced thriller. If you like those types of movies you will probably like it.

Afterwards, we headed to the Brick restaurant near the college for dinner. Judy and I plan to do a repeat Sunday since the weather is not going to be any better. I feel like I have wasted a week because I haven’t gotten any spring yard work done.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Judy’s Tornado Preps

Monday evening much of the area was under a tornado watch and a severe thunderstorm warning.  Judy and I followed the approaching weather on  my phone and local TV stations’ Doppler radar. I could see that the majority of the foul weather would pass north of us.  That is not to say we would not be affected at all though. The first element to reach us was a darkening of clouds and stronger winds. It wasn’t long before the lightening, thunder and rain arrived. Judy and I both were in the camper registration, a sturdy concrete block building. Judy does not handle thunder and lightening well at all. As a strong gust of wind blew Judy said she saw something get blown into the air at the dump station across the park road. I did not see it but figured it must have been the trash can lid. I did locate it after the storm had passed under our RV. Luckily it did not strike the unit. Judy was asking me where I was going to get if things really got bad.  I told her I was going to get under the table.  She told me she was going to get under a chair!  To make sure she would be prepared she flipped over one of the recliners so she would be ready.  We did not have to execute our emergency plans, thankfully.

Judy’s severe weather action plan!

17 judy's safe haven

The weather at the park over the weekend was great. There were twenty seven RV sites rented. The temps were in the high seventies signaling the arrival of spring. I really enjoyed seeing campers having a good time at the park.

The end of a great camping weekend – No one seemed to mind waiting 

16 Dump line 31613

Today, Tuesday is our Friday so our shift will be over today at five or six. We will make sure we get everything tidied up for ED and Char. With a little luck we should make it back to Mil’ville before dark. I want to check for weather damage from last night’s storm. We heard on the news that winds had reached 70+ in our area.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blanton Creek Park

Blanton Creek is a recreational facility owned and operated by Georgia Power, the state’s primary electricity producer.  The park is located 25 miles north of Columbus, GA. on Lake Harding.  The lake is fed by the Chattahoochee River. It was created when Bartlett’s Ferry Dam was built. Ga. Power uses it to generate hydro electricity. The park is twelve miles east of I85 exit 2 and seven miles west of I185 exit 25.

Blanton Creek Park is a favorite of many area campers. Campers and day use visitors enjoy the water recreation opportunities offered by Lake Harding such as fishing, skiing, boating and personal water craft riding.  There are also many area attractions nearby. A few of these are, Warm Springs, GA (FDR’s little White House), Calloway Gardens, and Pine Mountain. In Columbus there are many restaurants and the National Infantry Museum is located there.
Photo Gallery

Water sites

Overlook Pavilion


Comfort Sta. / washer dryers

Happy Campers

 Important Park Info:
Address: 6111 Lick Skillet RD,  Hamilton, GA

Phone: 706-643-7737                       

RV Sites: 51   (largest up to 45', 30 &50 amp )
tent sites: 08 (water & Electric)

Pavilions: two ($60.00 per day)          Day Use/boat launch: $5.00 per car (per day) Registered Campers get 2 free car passes. (Annual passes are available -check at CG office)

Comfort station                                    Washer and dryers

Cost per day: Tent $18.00
                       RV  $20.00 (seven day stay only $120.00)

Reservations: up to 45 days in advance ,  Water front sites go fast, reserve at least 2 weeks out

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back at Blanton Creek Park 3-12-13

Our week at home flew by and we were on the road back to Blanton Creek Park today. We met my sister and brother-in-law in Macon at the Ole Time Buffet.  I also bumped into one of my former middle school students.

Judy and I went into Columbus, Ga. before we went to the park.  Our boss Mike, wanted us to stop at J.C. Penny and pick out three new shirts for each of us.

We made it to the park by 4:30 PM.  I think Ed and Char were glad to see us. After Judy put things away in our RV we did a quick turnover with them they left for home.  The turnover was made easy since the camping season has not gotten into full gear yet.

Ready for a Call

I think I an going to write about the park only in my next blog.  Hopefully, it will be useful for any of my blog readers who may be passing through the area
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Nice Surprise!

Tuesday afternoon before Judy and I left for home, we had a visit from Mike our Ga. Power Boss. A visit from Mike in its self is not unusual.

He told us that we are very appreciated by all the staff at the GA. Power Land Management Office and they wanted us to know it!  Mike then presented Judy and I with an extremely nice (and big) gift basket complete with a card signed by all the staff. What a lovely thank you and welcome back. We were so surprised and humbled. A big "Thank You" to Mike and all the personnel at the Land .Management Office. The land management office is located about seven miles away but Judy and I often interact with them via phone or when they come to the park working on various projects or assignments. They all make us feel appreciated here.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

The First weekend of the 2013 Season is History

The first of twenty four weeks of camping is now history. Even though it was a cold weekend all of the campers said they enjoyed getting out. Most of them have already made reservations for a follow-up weekend.

Judy and I did not make many rounds of the park, we mostly stayed in the office.  Most of the campers we had were all regulars that frequently camp as a group. The last one left today. Now, Judy and I are the only ones in the park. We will be heading back home tomorrow at 6PM after we are relieved by Ed and Char.
Since the park opened Friday we have made between forty and fifty reservations. The first week of April is spring break for many public schools in the area and a lot of families like to spend it here at the park.

Last night it got down into the mid 20’s. I got a reminder of just how cold that is this AM when I got up at 6:00 to get ready to come over to the office. When I turned the water faucet on nothing came out. Yep, the water was frozen. I went out to check the water hose and outside faucet and both were frozen. I normally disconnect the hose or let an inside faucet run slightly. I just forgot. I used Judy’s hair dryer to thaw the outside faucet and then laid the hose out so that the morning sun could thaw it out.

Judy went to the park showers. By the time she got back the sun had done its job and I soon had the water flowing again. I will not make that mistake again anytime soon.

I had one more disappointment.

14 golf cart flat

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Opening Day!

Today was opening day here at Blanton Creek Park. Judy and I have been busy getting the office ready and maintenance crew  were busy finishing a few projects including painting the comfort station, trimming over-hanging branches, and repairing the broken water line.

Finishing Touches

10 judy cleaning      13 pipe

Judy and I reported to the office this AM at 6:30 and there was a line at the gate waiting for the 7 AM opening. When I opened the gate I gave out numbers to the campers so that no one could cut in line. While Judy entered the reservations I took all the incoming phone calls of people calling for reservations. I took their numbers and we called them back in order after we had taken care of all the people in line. Most of the people were making reservations for the Easter weekend, it is also spring break for many of the area schools. We had taken care of the initial group by 8:30 but we remained busy taking phone reservations most of the afternoon.

Ready to kick-off the 2013 Season!

11 at the gate     12 reservation

I was surprised with the number of campers that showed up to camp.  This the earliest that the park has opened.  I was glad that we had ten campers to check in. The weather is going to be pretty cold over the next few days. The camper accommodations ranges from a class “A” to two tent campers.

Some examples of our water front sites   - Only $20.00!!

05 lake side sites     06 site 2
                                 07 site 3
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