Sunday, August 11, 2013

Way too Much Eating Out

Judy and I have been going a little overboard during our week off eating out. Maybe it is because we have time to get out a little this week since we aren't working.

On Tue we joined two of our friends from the park for an Italian dinner at a local restaurant.  We met Keith and Merle here at the park last year. They live nearby and bring Suzie, their Yorkie to walk at the park just about everyday. They invited us to join them for dinner and then drinks at their house. They have a lovely home and Keith has put his wood working skills to good use making a number of pieces of furniture. I sure wish I had taken some pics.

 Merle, Suzie, Keith

Last Sat we had the pleasure of meeting Fred and Patti. Fred is volunteering at FDR state park and Patti lives and works in LaGrange about 35 miles away. Fred is looking for a new gig but Blanton Creek won't fit since it requires a couple. They told us about a lot of good places to eat at in LaGrange. We ended up joining them Thur night at the Brickhouse Grill in downtown LaGrange. The food was good and the company was great. Judy and I had a great time.

Judy told Ed and Char that she was going to treat them to a home cooked meal Friday. Friday is usually pretty busy after 3:00 PM with check-in so Judy had the meal cooked and delivered over to the office at 1:00 PM. We hung out in the office so they could eat without having to answer the phone or handle in check-ins.  Ed and Char have been great co-host during our two seasons here at the park.  We saved dessert until that evening and then had a little ice cream social!
Chef Judy

Ed and Char

Judy holding the fort down

I almost forgot to mention that we even ate out again Saturday when we were enroute back to Milledgeville. We met her brother and sister along with their families in Macon for a get together dinner. It was great getting to be with them again.

Judy and I are back in Milledgeville now staying at my sister's. Judy will be going back for her follow up appointment Tue. I'll keep everyone informed once we know the results.

That is all for now.
Next Blog: Wed or Thur.

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  1. I hear ya. Being on the road has not been good on the waistline. Too many good restaurants!