Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Travel Itinerary Completed (mostly)

Judy and I finished up our work week here at the park yesterday around 5:00 PM when Ed and Char took the reins.  We also made it official that Judy and I would not be returning next year. We are sure going to miss the park and all the good people we worked with. I'll write more about that after Labor Day. Now, with the house sold, we want to travel out west next year.

Judy and I were busy over the last week working to fill-in a travel plan to use once the park closes Labor Day. We are planning on staying on here until Sept. 8th. The Braves are playing an early afternoon game on the 4th and we wanted to get in a game before we leave the area. I'll use the remaining four days to get the 5ver ready to travel.  I left a couple of "holes" in the plan but will fill them in as we go. Like the first travel week, we are leaning on going to the Knoxville/Gatlinburg, TN area enroute to Bedford, VA. but haven't made a final decision. Below is our plan as it stands today.

September – December Travel Itinerary

 08-14              Open
15- 22              Smith Mountain Lake SP    Bedford, VA.: Many friends in the area, lots of history

22- 25              Travel - not sure, will fill-in later

25- 29              Cheatham Annex Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, -  Jamestown  Williamsburg,   

29 – Oct. 13     Dam Neck, VA. Beach, VA: - Many friends, beach and surf fishing
13 – 20            Cherry Point, NC -  MCAS famcamp
20 -  27            Sun Set Beach, NC  “Wishing Well” CG

27 -  03 Nov.    Myrtle Beach, SC.     Huntington Beach SP  - TumbleWeed, Laurie & George
03- 30              Macon/ Milledgeville, GA area  - Dr. appointments, Family time
01- 31              Avon Park, FL.           Adelaide Shores RV Resort

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. It is great to make future plans. We are really looking forward to leaving here and heading to other areas. The 6 months in Florida will be great, we'll be glad to see everyone there!

  2. I can't believe you'll be in Cherry Point the same time we will be. It's going to be a great year. Good travel plans hope they're in jello so you don't feel like you can't do something extra. See ya soon.

  3. Jim, I missed you and Judy at the latest TCH reunion in Louisville. Linda could not travel with me this go-around but wished you both all the best were you in attendance. She remembered well the banquet in Norfolk as did I.

    As I recall you were in the process of undertaking a life on the road and what that entails in preparation thereof. In reading the blog I'll say you've done just this and congratulations.

    Louisville was fabulous, from the grand hotel where we slept and reunited, to the activities we participated in together that reaffirm the value of military service. I am hopeful to see you both two years hence in Newport, Minneapolis/St. Paul, or Norfolk. All the best now and always. -Lee Edwardsen

  4. Drafting a more formal itinerary is wonderful - thanks for the idea!

    I could see this would be a valuable tool in case friends or family want to make any plans around your schedule.

    1. Thanks for the comments. You can get a lot of valuable info reading through RVers blogs.