Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why do you want to sell your house and live in an RV?

That is a question that Judy and I have been asked a lot over the past couple of years.  So, I thought I should address the question here.  We seriously started discussing the possibilities of a life on the road about five years ago.

During my Navy career, we had the opportunity to live and travel throughout the US and Europe.  I guess we both had a good dose of wanderlust.  When we left the Navy in 1995, we had never thought of living in a RV.  Travel had always been high on our “things to do list”.

On a mid week camping trip to Appomattox Virginia  State Park in the spring of 1998, we met  a couple from  Wisconsin.  They were the “host” at the park.  During our stay, they explained to us that they were traveling around the country in their older class A and serving in volunteer positions.  As compensation for being the campground host, they didn’t have pay for their camp site.   We certainly had never heard of that.  This chance meeting was probably the origin of our idea to travel and live in an RV.

Judy and I began to seriously think about being full-time RVers in 2007ish. The idea of living and traveling in a RV grew stronger and stronger.  Neither of us looked forward to being  anchored to a house.  We wanted the freedom to go and not worry about a house.  It should be pretty easy to make this happen. Not!  We found out quickly that it would take a lot of planning to reach our goal.  The most important requirement to be a successful full-timer is that each spouse has the same expectations.  I am happy to report Judy and I are in total agreement. 

Making the decision to “sell the house and live in a RV” was pretty easy.   Making it happen is the hard part.  Lots of research has gone into this transition.  We have had to learn about the different RV’s, and figure out how we are going to live in approx 400sqft of living space.  Not to mention getting rid of lots of stuff.  I will address some of these issues in future post.

Next entry will be Tue.

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  1. Haha Well I don't know how exciting this comment will be!! ;)

    Harry and I both have thinned down our closets and have taken a huge number of boxes to the local clothing donation area. We also gave our bedroom set to Harry's son, which included the dressers. So we thinned down some more when we moved everything into the closet. I feel like we've been doing the downsizing process for so long and yet we still have a lot of STUFF in our house. When the warm weather comes, I am going to start bringing things to the fiver and then it will be time for me to start making some REAL progress.