Friday, January 27, 2012

What is the best RV to live in for extended periods of time?

Thit is another easy question that is asked often. It is an easy question because you can find RVers using them all. Each RVer has to determine which type will meet their needs the best. So the answer to the question is which ever one is chosen.  Of course the price points go from relatively inexpensive to very expensive (even within class). In today’s entry I am going to discuss the three main classes/ types of RVs that are used for extended living (full-timing).

Class A/ Class A diesel pusher

When you hear “motor home” one usually thinks or pictures a Class A rv. Many people up to this point probably didn’t realize it was a “Class A”. These have everything you need to live and they are drivable.  Nothing like saying “honey, would you mind making me a sandwich”, while you are still driving!  Many women like them because you don’t have to stop to go to the restroom! Class A’s come in two versions, gas or diesel. Prices start at about $85K to $400K new. The version that the celebrities have costs much more.   These are better suited for moving often and not sitting in one place for a few months. There are other Pros and Cons to consider.

Fifth Wheel

Fifth Wheel RV’s are the most widely used units by “full-time” RVers.  They require a truck to pull them as they are not motorized.  Like the class A’s they have everything you need to live.  The fiver as the fifth wheel is often called has more available floor plans.  Even though our original plan was to have a "Class A" motor home in the end we decided to go with the fifth wheel. We decided we wanted to have two separate assets instead of just one. One never knows how long this phase will last and we think we could sell a truck and the FW easier than the “Class A” if we had to. The money outlay was less than half of the motor homes we were considering.  There were other pros and cons that we looked at.   This was the best choice for us.  I am not going to discuss travel trailer (TT) separately because they are similar to the FW. You can take a look at the fifth wheel we chose by clicking the LINK ( Cardinal Fifth Wheel) on the right side of the blog.

Class C

The “Class C “RV’s are the smallest of the three. Although the “Super Class C” is pretty impressive.  The “Class C” is the mini version of the “Class A”. These are usually used for shorter stays. Although many folks do use them as full-time units.  They are less complicated and easier to drive than the larger “Class A’s”.

So there it is, a RV primer lesson.  A good place to learn more about the units is a  I have learned a lot by reading the forums. Until next time, have a great weekend.

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