Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How do you get all that stuff into the RV?

The short answer is you don’t!  This is an issue that is faced by almost everyone that becomes a “full-timer”. In fact the inability to “get rid of or part with stuff” is a main cause some people don’t try the RV lifestyle.  They can’t cope with not having a stix and brix home or getting rid of stuff that many haven’t looked at in 20 yrs! Most RV’s have about 400sqft of living space and not nearly enough storage space. So to make the transition to living in a RV successfully one has to be able to downsize. You get the idea.
                                      Judy's stuff before

There are many ways to overcome the “what do I do with my stuff” issue.  One solution is to put it in a storage unit. Some people sell or give the stuff away.  Often siblings or other family members get the chance to come through and pick out what they want.  Judy and I recently went through our main clothes closet and did our first culling out.  We are going to take it to Goodwill.  I thought only Imelda Marcos had so many shoes. I am posting some pics to give you a visual of the process. 
                                     Judy's stuff after 

                                         Jim's stuff before

                                             On the way to Goodwill

Before I forget, let me just say "WELCOME" to everyone who hit the “Follow Button”.  I will be so excited if someone leaves a comment!  We are not nearly through with thinning out our stuff but at least we have started the process.
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  1. Oops I meant to leave a comment on this post and somehow I put it on your last day's by mistake!! So now you have two comments!! LOL

  2. Yes now I have two and they were both exciting. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.