Friday, January 20, 2012

Introduction and purpose of "The Meandering Maddox's" blog.

This blog will be in its developmental stages over the next few months.  After which it will become a weekly blog of the meanderings of Jim and Judy.  We hope to share our travels with family members, friends and visitors. We have no clear cut course of travel but will go where our interest takes us.

Like many people seeking the "RV Lifestyle", our transition has been affected by the economic realities of today.  We planned on having no "stix & brick" simply a "house on wheels".  Well, the "For Sale" sign is still in the yard! After considering various options from waiting until the house sells, to continuing on with our plans, we have decided to leave in Mar. of 2012. That is only about 8 weeks from now. This decision did require some modifications from our original plans due to the continued burden of home ownership.   As they say, this is going to impact our bottom line!  It will also affect the way we travel. On the plus side, we will still have the house as an asset to fall back on. There are worse things than having a home on one of Ga's largest lakes.

One of the most notable consequences of not selling the house will be the need to "workamp" some.  This will help offset the financial impact of not selling the house.  In March, we will start our first workamper assignment.  We will be the "gate attendant" at "Blanton Creek Campground" on Lake Hardy near Columbus, Ga. The assignment will run from mid March til Labor Day. Some of our tasks will be taking reservations, collecting fees and helping visiting campers.  More on this later.

Now for a brief introduction
We are both (Jim & Judy) ready to leave the structured workforce, but are not ready to sit on the couch.  We have been married for 37yrs. Our nest has been empty for about ten years. Our son lives in Portland Oregon.  We have no "roots", as we have traveled constantly. That probably explains our desire to be Full-Timers. 

This is enough for now!. I will try to learn the "ins and outs" of this "blogger". I read many blogs and hope to one day reach their level of "blogging excellence".  In future posts, I will talk about some of the things we have done to prepare for life on the road. Until then ....

Sitx & Brick

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  1. Thank you Jim and Judy for allowing me to follow your prepartions for your new life. I am excited for you both and I know your lives will be filled with exciting adventures. Makes me more than a little jealous. Be safe and have a wonderful time. I will follow you as you travel our wonderful country. Love to you both