Monday, August 17, 2015

Wildfires are burning Nearby

Madras Oregon  H87 L49

Things can be going fine and then all of a sudden things happen. That is what happened Wed. Just when we thought we were going to make it through the season with no wildfires, bam, things change.

A car traveling on HWY 26 near Warm Springs blew a tire on the RV it was towing, not realizing it continued driving. The tire disintegrated  and the metal rim began to leave a trail of sparks which spawned a number of small fires along the highway. It wasn’t long before a major wildfire developed. To date it has grown to over 55,000 acres and is only 25% contained.. For the most part it is burning mostly grasslands and has only threatened a few structures.  Pelton Park is within six miles of the start point of the fire and has been only affected by smoke and ash. Luckily, the fire is spreading away from the campground. This area is very rugged making it hard to contain.

Here are a few pics I snagged off the net.

warm Springs fire 2      warm Springs fire 1

Warm Springs fire 3

Warm Springs fire 4     Warm Springs fire 5

Warm Springs fire 6     Warm Springs fire 7

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  1. Hopefully they'll have it out shortly so that your campground won't be affected.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I'm so glad you're ok. I hope they get the fires out soon.

  3. Montana has been so smoky from all the wildfires not only here in this state, but also Washington and Idaho. Makes for tough breathing!