Monday, March 23, 2015

Almost Time to Go

Apache Junction, AZ   H83 L60

Our time is almost at its end, just over a week and we will be departing Arizona.  Judy and I had planned to leave this Friday but have now pushed our depart date to April 1st.  I wanted to have the wheel bearings repacked and April 1st was the earliest appointment I could get. Seems I am not the only RVer to have the same idea. So, after we get packed up and leave the park we will go directly to the service center for the appointment, and hopefully be on the road headed to Las Vegas a couple of hours later.

I finally got around to completing a project I heard about in Oct. of 2012.  I know… If you have slide toppers you are aware that in heavy or sustained rain they will sag and retain water because they don’t drain fast enough.  since I am heading back to Oregon I decided to take on my project. I fabricated slide topper supports that will keep rain from collecting on the toppers.  I would only use them when we stay static for week or more or if rain is in the forecast.  I have also added the support removal on my “day before departure” check list. It would not be good to put the slides in with the supports in place.

topper support 1      topper support 2

Judy and I have been very impressed with this area of Arizona.  The climate is absolutely fabulous. It is hard not to like an area that the sun shines over 330 days each year.  Yes, it gets HOT here in the summer but the humidity is low. Have you ever been in Georgia or Florida when the temps are in triple digits and 100% humidity?  The area has lots to do and see so we both agree that they’re possibilities here.  Judy and I took time to checkout a nearby 55+ retirement community because as we all know, nothing is forever so we must have a back-up plan for the day we have to leave the road. To our fulltime friends, don’t read too much into this. 

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Interesting idea for the slide toppers. Not sure where you are now, but we'll be in Apache Junction on 3/31 at Lost Dutchman SP.

    1. Debbie,

      We will be heading back to Madras OR on April 1 unless we get delayed