Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Fourth of July

Pelton Park- Madras, Oregon

This post is a week late but since this is our travel journal I wanted to include it for the record. I also did mot wish to include the event of the third of July with it.

Needless to say the park was filled to capacity and Judy and I were very busy.  Even though the beer and wine flowed freely the campers only needed a couple of warning after quiet hours. Judy and Rose took care of the kid’s activities which included all the kids getting a picture button (hugely popular) to commemorate the holiday. 

I was volunteered to lead the Kid’s Pet parade through the park.  Many of the kids dressed their pet in costumes for the event.  One young fellow (7 yrs) had two knee high braces so I had him ride with me in the “Gator”.  I instantly became his best friend.

Judy and I enjoy seeing everyone having a great time here at the park. We were not disappointed because it was clear that a “good time” was had by many. 

The Fourth of July (2014)

4th of July 2014 (1)      4th of July 2014 (6)

Dogs and Kids are attracted to Mr. Jim! (They presented me with a “Coke” with “Friend” inscribed on it.)

July 4 a       july 4 b

Thanks Steve   casadea 2 casadeas at PP

A different way to transport a float to the lake!  july 4 float

At the end of the weekend we were happy to have the sunsets to ourselves!   Sunset 7 14 a 

                                                              sunset 7 14 b

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  1. Great report! The scenery looks spectacular there. We are off to Blanton Creek Park next weekend for our 2nd Outdoor U XTREME! whitewater event. Fri-Sun. Lots of fun for the HVAC Commuinty...and some well needed R&R for the field personnel. Wish you were here! We all miss you two around the dinner table at camp. Take care.

    1. Andy- I know it will be great event and we will miss seeing all of y'all.