Sunday, July 20, 2014

Friends,Fires and Christmas in Central Oregon

This week Judy and I got a nice visit from RV Full-time friends Dee and Jim (Tumleweed).  The last time we saw them was March 6th when we left Adelaide RV resort in Avon Park, FL. We sure enjoyed seeing them.  Judy and I showed them some of the area sights and visited a FEW of the local eateries. We were sad to see them leave but we are confident that we will see them again “down the road”.

Jim and Dee  Jim and Dee Madras

Central Oregon has been plagued by wildfires this week, at least three are currently burning. Two are within 25 miles of Pelton Park. A lot of smoke and ash are the only negative effects on the park so far. this weekend all campfires have been banned. Some of the state parks closer to the fire have been evacuated and closed.  We have seen helos ferrying water to the fires. Judy received a call from a lady who had camped at the park and she told Judy if we had to evacuate the park she offered us a place on her property to set up on. We thought was such a nice gesture and offer.

Lots of Smoke and Ash

fire 1      Fire 3

Christmas came early at Pelton Park. For the past fifteen years a group has come to celebrate Christmas in July, complete with decorations and festivities. Judy and I will look forward to seeing them back next year.

Christmas in July   

 Christmas in July 1     Christmas in July 2

Christmas in July 3

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* Melinda best of luck with your plans


  1. Glad that so far, you haven't had to evacuate. How nice of that person to offer their property to you if you do!

  2. How nice of that lady to offer her property if you have to evacuate. RVers are the best!